Thursday, February 10, 2011


Dear Tennessee,
In case you forgot you are in the south and can do without all this snow bullshit. Thank you and good day!
I was raised in a place that got alot more snow than this but seriously! Its getting old. Im tired of cold feet. Im tired of scraping the snow and ice off the car. Im tired of my car window freezing shut and Im tired of TDOT not salting the roads. The photo above is our front yard from the other day. Not the greatest I know but Im not a snow bunny at all. Im a stay in with cozy jammies and drink hot chocolate kinda bunny. Unless I could take a super amazing long hot bath afterwards and with two kids, it aint happenin. This weather is wrecking havoc on my already low moral. Its probably bumming out my flamingos too.


  1. Theres something kind of comical about seeing a flamingo with a blanket of snow though. To me at least :)

  2. Poor flamingo! lol! Maybe he needs his own scarf and hat! I, for one, am a snow fanatic. I can't get enough and it seems like the rest of the country is getting tons but us here in the Mid-Atlantic got practically nothing. BOOO! I want to move to Colorado and live in the Rockies where I can decorate my house like an atomic, 50s ski chalet and ski whenever I want. I grew up in Virginia where snow is not quite rare but not expected either. Funny enough, my husband who is from Palm Beach, loved snow. I think all the years he spent at Fort Benning in the intense heat made him adverse to warm climates! lol

  3. I was born and raised in California so this is sooooo weird to me...