Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creepy Yet Sweet

As Valentines day approaches I get more sick of hearing about what so and so is going to do with their girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/wife/husband. Yes, Im BITTER. Just a bit. Im lonely, and in need of hugs and kisses from my husband, plus a couple other things ;). So in honor of my bitterness I thought I would post the creepiest vintage Valentines Day card images I could find.

There is nothing natural about being away from your husband or wife for 365 days every other year or so. And quite frankly, war can be hell. Not just for the soldier but for the family as well. Alot of people thank the soldiers but forget that theres alot of people left behind that should be thanked too. The families left behind sacrifice and push on despite mostly wanting to pull the covers over your head and just ignore the world for about a year. Though Id like to do that, I cant. My children need their mother, and without them I probably wouldnt find reasons to get out of bed everyday. It takes bravery to fight an unknown enemy and it also takes bravery to face the world each day when you dont feel quite whole; when your other half is a million miles away. I didnt mean to make this post so heavy. Some things just need to be said and special days make it that much more needed. Are you bummed out yet? Happy Valentines Day! haha!


  1. Big hugs to you! Have a fun Valentines with your kids and go all out (cookies, cupcakes, red or pink EVERYTHING,etc.)It will make you feel much better. <3. My hubby is here and I am still He went fishing all day yesterday until 8pm and he is going hunting again today. Tomorrow? Who knows.

    xxxxxx more hugs!

    <3 Bitty Boss

  2. Thanks! <3 I dont like being a negative Nancy but sometimes I need to get it out. Its theraputic to spill my guts to random people via the internet I guess :)

  3. Keep your head up this valentines day! :)

  4. Hey DD,I'm sorry your feeling so bad at the moment,totally understandable that you are missing your man.I know it's poor comfort but i'll send you some hugs:)
    I will also ,once again,apologise for the lack of communication.I'm just so exhausted at the end of the school holidays it takes me a while to start functioning normally again.
    My little boy has just started saying 'mum' so that has been wonderful to hear,particularly when i've been so worried about him not talking.
    Try & keep your chin up,i'm sure your hubby is thinking of you & sending you lots of love.

  5. You go girl!!! it does suck when you are alone because your other half is protecting our country. I had been there and I felt the same way. So don't worry about the post it was therapeutic for you and that is good. ;)

  6. Those valentines cards are hilarious! The top one is bordering on stalking!
    I can't imagine what it must be like for you being away from your hubby for so long, that sucks :(
    I agree with Bitty Boss that you should have a fun time with your kids instead :)

  7. Cachanilla - thanks! You can only stay positive so long but a deployment is an emotional roller coaster. At least for me.

    Clare - Haha I know! Can you imagine giving or receiving cards like these? Can you say restraining order? What were they thinking?

  8. Mrs Cleaver - Its ok no worries! Im glad your lil man has started talking!