Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fishy Situation

I have had this small fish tank for ages. I have moved at least 4 times since getting it as a gift and never took it out of the box. Either boredom or craziness has made me decide to get the kids a fish. I will probably regret it but the deed is done. Meet the new addition to the family:

As of right now he does not have a name. We've had him for over 24 hrs and so far he hasnt gone to the big fish tank in the sky so I have to say so far so good ha! I still dont know what I was thinking. Like I need one more thing to clean and take care of. Speaking of fish, I dont think Ive ever shown the chalkware fish I have in our half bath. Or our half bath at all. So here it is!

I love the old medicine cabinets in this house.

Both bathrooms have heaters like this, and they still work.

I adore this little window. I never use the half bath though so I never get to enjoy it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I had promised a loooong ago to post photos of the goodies I got with the most generous $50 Ebay giftcard from Vintage Christines giveaway. Thing is, I have only spent a small portion of it. I know, right?! What am I waiting for?? It seems like when I have no money to spend, everything catches my fancy, and when I do I am a total schrewd with bidding. I did manage to get these super cute kitchen canisters. Practical and pretty!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cold Days and Warm Jammies.

Tennessee has had some very cold days this past month. The coldest winter since Ive been here thats for sure. We've also had some snowy days which are pretty but when you have to go out at 830am to scrape the snow and ice off the car it kinda loses its luster haha. My motto lately has been "Snow snow go away, come again another day.. like when hubby is home to clean off the car and take out the garbage." Days like that is when hes glad to be in Afghanistan, except when it snows there haha. SO with the cold weather, and both of my kids coming down with a sickness last week, Ive been spending alot of time in my jammies. They are so warm and cozy and they have owls on them. Yay!

Excuse the all the Spongebob and toys. The full length mirror is in the kids room. It was there when we bought the house! I also have a similar pair thats blue with sugar skulls on them! So comfortable! For you ladies that have a K-Mart nearby, go check out their sleepwear! Im not usually a K-Mart shopper but I got both of these jammies on clearance a few weeks back.

100 Follower Giveaway!

Ive now reached 105 followers and have finally got some things together for my 1st ever giveaway!

The winner will receive a handmade doily (made by my MIL), 2 pairs of vintage clip on earrings, Sewing Susan kit complete with needles, Solo bobby pins (with pin curl instructions on the back!) and also my favorite mascara Maybelline Falsies(not pictured).

The rules are easy peasy. Be a follower and leave a comment if you want included in the giveaway. If you repost it on your blog I will give you an extra entry but be sure to let me know you did because I might miss it otherwise! The deadline is Saturday Feb. 5th. Be sure to leave your email, especially if you dont have a blog for me to contact you through. This giveaway is open to ANY and ALL followers! I appreciate each and every one of you from the USA to UK to Australia! Thanks y'all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woo Hoo!

I had been wondering when and if the big 1-0-0 was ever going to happen and it has! Alot more quickly than I thought too! Im amazed. I hope I still have some readers. I know Ive been a bad blogger. I dont have alot of time anymore and I apologize. I know my lack of time makes for a boring blog. Im planning a small giveaway soon so stay tuned please!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Almost at the big 1-0-0. Thats pretty amazing to me and sad at the same time because I seem to have less time for it. I thought I would post more when my mom was here but I spent most of my time just enjoying my kids and squeezing in the *me* time. (My me time included going shopping by myself! All you mamas will understand that one. Catching up on season 4 Army Wives. Hot baths and a good book. I also got my haircut and eyebrows threaded which was a whole new and strange experience for me haha!) When I do reach 100 followers I plan on having some form of a giveaway so stay tuned!

Hope everyone out there in bloggerworld had the bestest of holiday seasons! Things were good here except for on NYE my son hurt his hand and we ended up in the ER for xrays. *sigh* They said nothings broken but his thumb and pointer finger is still swollen. I have a feeling the ER and I will get to know each other quite well for this kiddo.