Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you! Thank you!

A great big sloppy wet smooch to Vintage Christine at Im Not Old Im Vintage for her most awesome giveaway! I was the lucky winner of the $50 Ebay gift card! S.u.p.e.r. e.x.c.i.t.e.d!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Failing Miserably.

We're now livin in our house and Im failing miserably at trying to make it our home. Everything you can possibly think of to deter me from unpacking and truely settling in has happened. As if two youngins arent enough of a distraction! Here is my life from the past few days.

Sunday - moving day. LONG hot day. We just settled down around 8ish to relax for a while and maybe watch a movie before crashing and a storm blows in and the power goes out! On our first night! We didnt have a flashlight around but one of the neighbors brought us a candle which was very thoughtful.

Monday - the Dish and phone people come separately to get us hooked up. (None of our phone plugs were working)

Tuesday - the garage FLOODS with tons of our boxes in it. We later found out why but I had to call our warranty company to send someone out. They didnt come til Thursday. My sons teacher also comes to the house to finish paperwork.

Wednesday - The only day someone didnt come to the house so I tried my best to catch up a little unpacking.

Thursday - The plumber comes to fix the stoppage and tells us our home inspector missed a HUGE part of the problem. He tells us it will cost about $800 to fix. Im devastated and PISSED. We rig the washing machine to drain outside so I can catch up. On my 3rd load my washer stops working. Yes, I shit you not. I call to set up an appt for someone to come look at it. I make the hubby spray around the house because I find ants inside. Just two but still.

Friday - My washer finally gets fixed but as of right now I am still waiting on someone to come by to give me another estimate on the plumbing repair. Also found another ant so Im about to freak out and make my husband respray when he gets home from work.

Whew! Bad luck? Cursed? Bad ju ju? Probably all of the above. Its been one hell of a week and its not even over! If I ever get this house semi-together I will post pics but til then I will probably just post bits n pieces. I really wish I had more time for bloggin but Im still trying to find time to keep up with my favorite blogs. Send some good ju ju my way PLEASE!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grr to you Post Office

We have been having a hard time getting our mail for over a month. Keep in mind we have been living here for over a YEAR. I honestly have no idea what mail we havent gotten. I only noticed a problem when we ordered Netflix and we werent getting any movies. I went in and told a clerk. She took down my address and my maiden name and married name. Thats the only thing that has changed. She asked me about 3 times whether I put in a change of address form. No, I say. I havent moved, I just got married. We've been there for a year. She says she'll give it to someone to take care of it. One week later, still no movies so I know she hasnt done her job. I go in again and speak with a supervisor. He checks the computer and says as far back as MAY 20th, the mailman put in that our address was undliverable or some nonsense. WHAT!! Thats pretty funny considering we get mail, just obviously not all of it. Its also laughable because we have been getting mail for no less than 4 guys who previously lived at our address. FOUR! How many people do they think live in our TWO BEDROOM apartment?!? We get their mail, but cant get our own. That deserves a great big WTF. So he takes down the same info I gave a week later and says he'll take care of it. I dont think he did because its been about two weeks and it seems we are still not getting everything we're supposed to. We're moving soon so I hope that when I put the damn change of address in they will actually do their job and deliver our effing mail!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Andi B. Goode's Blogiversary Giveaway!

Andi B Goode is having a glorious blogiversary giveaway here. Her blog is always wonderful and so is this giveaway!

Monday, July 5, 2010


As Ive said before I troll craigslist looking to see what goodies are out there to be had. Lately there hasnt been much, but yesterday I came across this 50s picnic basket with bakelite utensils for $35.

It also has some plates, cups and S&P shakers. All in all a decent deal Id say but a picnic basket is the last thing we need after just buying a house.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Dull Update

Just another dull update to remind you that yes, I am alive. We have picked up our glorious Heywood Wakefield table, and also closed on our house. WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! We have been in the house for a few hours every day, carrying in the small boxes we can fit in the car and cleaning as much as possible. With two small kids, it can get kinda tricky. My son happily runs around playing but theres not much to keep my daughter busy so cleaning gets done in spurts. It should only take a few more days of cleaning to get it move in ready. The blinds need a good clean and I need to do more mopping and then tackle the big job of scrubbing up the kitchen. Soon my dears! Oh so very soon! Im super excited to have space for my kids, a big yard, garage, storage, a cute house and a big front yard with shade for most of the day. Im just itchin to get in there and make it OUR HOME. The fun stuff ya know, like hanging curtains and pictures and figuring out where everything should go. I will try to go back to bloggin more regularly when we get in there my pretties.