Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Breakdown Bettie Hair Flower Winner is...

I do it the old fashioned way by drawing names out of my planter that sadly still doesnt have a plant yet.

I turned my head and mixed up the names real good and drew...

So please email me with your info at ingram(dot)didi(at)yahoo(dot)com! Please be sure to include which color you want your flower to be. You can choose from purple, pink, red, coral, blue, green, turquoise and orange. Lucky lady!
Thanks to everyone who entered! I still encourage you to check out Breakdown Bettie. She has lots of goodies and Im sure you can find a nice treat for yourself there! Super big thanks to Christina for sponsoring this giveaway! I really appreciate it and cant say it enough!!


  1. Congrats Living Vintage,enjoy your lovely flower:)

  2. Yeah you know I have never won anything on a blog before so I am super excited and this came just as I was thinking of doing my own give away when I hit 50 followers I am now at 47. Now I just have to figure out how to Email you I don't see a link and well I know I have emailed other bloggers but I forgot how. Grrr....

  3. Just go to your email and type mine in :) I wrote it above. Or send me a message on FB.