Thursday, April 29, 2010

Its A Cruel Cruel World

Indeed. Tomarrow is my birthday. Yes Im turning 30. Im indifferent to it but thats not the horrible part about tomarrow. Im also getting a wisdom tooth taken out. No birthday cake for me. Im actually looking forward to it because the wisdom tooth is coming down and pushing on the molar next to it making it loose! Oh yeah, and it hurts like a bitch! Since its my birthday my mom and husband have given me money to shop and I cant find anything I REALLY to die for want. If I didnt have a cent I bet I could find one billion things. As I said, going to Nashville wont happen for awhile so I either wait or shop online but I cant find anything. *snarl & growl*

Pretty Little Things Giveaway!

Art*Deco*Dame over at Pretty Little Things is having a giveaway of pretty little things! Reposting it isnt part of the giveaway and I dont know WHY Id want my chances to get slimmer but the stuff is so cute I thought I had to share it. So there you have it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day Out

Over the weekend we decided to venture down to Nashville to visit some of the antique malls. There are a few small ones in Clarksville but the ones in Nashville are alot closer to Heaven! So many things caught my fancy but my budget to spend cashola on myself is small. Not to mention as a mother of two I feel a tad guilty when spending money on myself, so not surprisingly I purchased this pink hamper.


More of a family purchase than a personal one. Four people make for alot of dirty clothes! Im happy nonetheless because it should go nicely in the pink bathroom of the house we are trying to buy. (Inspection is this Saturday and Im hopeful there wont be much to fix. It was built in 1958 but alot has been updated in the past few years like electrical, A/C etc so we'll see). I also spotted this Mar-shel handbag.


I like it not only for the pattern but also because the handle folds down and turns it into a clutch! Needless to say I cant wait to go back but it will have to wait a while because here is a list of my life the next few weeks: my birthday, getting a wisdom tooth pulled, house inspection, pictures, Jump Zone, my sons birthday, doctor appointments, my husband leaving for JRTC for a month. I think thats it for now..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I heart my vanity.

Im probably the least vain gal around but I love my vanity.
Just looking at it makes me happy haha.
Unfortunately I dont have any pretties on it right now. My son is going to be two next month. Sometimes he can be grabby. Usually only at home, and usually only when he knows he shouldnt be touching. He does it on the sneaky sneak. Better safe than sorry!
They dont make furniture with beautiful detail like that anymore.

So thats my vanity. I thought I would start sharing my pretties. <3

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Few Goodies

Im starting to get familiar with the antique shops around Clarksville and picked up a few goodies here and there.
Clip on earrings are always good when you have little ones. My favorites of course being the bakelite and moonglow.
Tried to get a better photo of the bangles. One is jadeite and the other is carved wood. Beautiful.
Got this brooch that can also be a necklace right after my daughter was born. Its sandstone and amethyst. (Sorry its the best pic I could get out of my camera)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A dream realized?

Quite possibly..
More details to follow pending a house inspection.

In other news, our cupcake is two months old today!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Take me away...

Ill say it. I need a vacation! I think most stay at home mamas would agree that while being at home with your kids is great and rewarding, it can also be monotonous and exhausting. Tough luck for me, we wont be going anywhere any time soon, but these souvenir bags are pretty enough to make me happy for the time being. I love em and theyre all on etsy.
Fun Mexico tote

Folky Portugal bag

Mexico flowery tote
Cancun bag
Mexico basket purse

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shamelessly Thrifty Tips

These are a few of my thrifty tips Ive come up with over the years.
1 Reuse plastic and glass containers and jars. Clean em up, use em for storage, travel, and craft projects.
2 When clothes get worn out, use them for something else. Use old t-shirts and socks for dusting, wiping up spills, washing the dog, doing windows, sewing and crafts.
3 Make your make-up brushes last longer by washing them in hot soapy water, rinsing well in hot water and letting them air dry overnight before using them again.
4 Give up a vice! Once a week, twice a month or whatever you can handle doing. Put it in savings and watch it add up.
5 Clip coupons already. Its like free money. Use them when stuffs on sale to save even more.
6 Create a budget and stick to it.
7 Make a price book. Shop around for everything and when you find the lowest prices, write them in the book. Write where you found it, how much, and if it was a sale price that way you'll always know what the cheapest price is. Sounds dorky I know, but you know whats not dorky? Having extra money in savings, extra money for new shoes, extra money for a treat for your kid. Thats very not dorky.
8 Try the generic/store brands. Most stores have their own line of products that are cheaper and comparable to the name brand. Most stores even have a money back guarantee if you arent happy. I was a pharmacy tech for 8 years and this goes for medicines too. Active ingredients are the same in brand and generic meds. Sometimes the only difference is color, shape or whatever inactive fillers they put in. When you buy a name brand medicine, all you are paying for is the name! The company who developed it charges more because they spent the years researching and advertising it. Why pay for a name?!