Saturday, February 26, 2011

Electric Sex

I couldnt get the other pair of lamps off my mind. I thought I would be happy with the other pair I got which were cheaper. I thought Id be happy enough to just get those and save us some money. But after thinking nonstop about them I knew that this chance probably wasnt going to come along very many times, if at all. So I contacted him this morning and said I had the money if he still had the lamps. He got them out of storage and I picked them up early this afternoon.

Isnt it glorious? I have a pair. With original shades. In working condition. Im in love.

Up close with the light on..

And with the light off, a more truer photo of the color of the shades.
If my husband were here this would probably not be mine right now so heres the one good thing about a deployment.


  1. OH My Goodness!!!! I am in love with your lamps!!! My favorite color and everything!!! You are so very lucky! Congratulations on your new baby lamps.....

  2. They are beautiful - definitely worth the splurge!

  3. I would have bought them too, stunning, I've never had a pair of lamps! ENjoy!

  4. Amazing!! And you can tell your hubby that they were half the price they were and he will never know! (All us ladies do that, right?!)

  5. Clare haha I usually dont because if it doesnt seem like a good deal to me then I wouldnt buy it anyway ya know? I really dont know if what I paid was too much for these but I dont think so. What would everyone pay for these?

  6. WOW!!

    Oh yes, buy the things that make your heart sing!

    I "cautiously" bought lesser expensive, smaller table lamps when I first started buying on eBay for 50's stuff a few years ago (except for that pair of Majestic lamps that went above my $550 high bid!!!!)...

    But now I see I need another pair or two of BIG 50's lamps. If I hadn't spent all that other money on the smaller lamps, I wouldn't mind so much paying what they charge for the big ones.

    P.S. I LOVE the table set you got... I got a similar set, well, two lately that look like that!

  7. Thank you! I had replied a few days ago but it didnt post for some reason. I paid $200 for these and although thats alot to me its not that bad when you consider theyre a pair with shades and I dont have to pay for shipping all of the parts separately. Reading all of your ebay horror stories also made me say "fudge it" and just bought em!

  8. You totally got a deal- at $100 a piece, that's cheaper than crappy new lamps. You would have regretted it forever if you didn't get them! ;)

  9. Thanks Susie! I think I wouldve regretted it too because these are the second pair I bought from him and I couldnt stop thinking about em after I bought the first pair.