Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Turkey Day & Black Friday Madness!

Here is my obligatory holiday post. I hope you had a great one stuffing yourself and shopping for deals or just doing whatever it is you do on holidays. We didnt have turkey, instead we opted for a creamed chicken dinner that we both prefer over a chunk of turkey on our plates. We like the leftover turkey sammiches, just not the turkey dinner itself. Weird eh? Thanksgiving is for family, not turkey, so I will happily break from tradition whenever I feel like it.
We partook in some Black Friday shopping at 8am. No we are definitely not the midnight or 5amers. Its not that important to me to get there super early to fight with an old lady for a $3 waffle maker. If you havent seen those videos, I suggest you head on over to You Tube and see what kind of shenanigans go on out there. Pepper spray? LOL it is NOT that serious people!
Also some new stuff added to the shop.

Dont forget you can like my shop page on good ol Facebook! I will bid you good day to nurse your food hangovers now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not Everyone Can Say They've Been To A Ball

A few months after a deployment is over, a ball is held in celebration that its over and to remember the fallen. And just to get shitfaced while dressed up fancy. We went to the ball this time (read: I finally convinced my husband to dress up in his Class As and wear them for an entire evening). This years ball was held at the Opryland Hotel. Yes THAT Opry. Its the hotel for the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Not gonna lie, its expensive, but we got a room there anyway. I could probably do an entire post on just the hotel. Its pretty amazing. Its big enough for a little river to run through it which has boat rides, and at least 2 waterfalls on the inside that I saw. IN the hotel. This is what I saw when we first walked in

Unfortunately this is the only picture I took because we were in a mad rush to get to our room and get changed. By the time we walked around that night it was too dark to get any good photos. The inside has little shops and restaurants and its like walking around outside at night.

This is me right after getting my hair & makeup done by Ashley. Im pretty sure you all follow her blog Lisa Freemont Street but if you dont you should. Shes pretty amazing. And a very nice gal if I do say so myself. Here are some pics she took of my updo.

Heres my husband after he got dressed in the room.

And one my husband took of me during the cocktail hour.

And us after the ball.

I wouldnt say it was *fun* but it was something to experience. Not everyone can say theyve been to a ball.