Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeding The Habit

I broke down and finally bought myself this carved bakelite bangle from Ebay.

Its been ages since Id gotten something for myself and I didnt have one in this color. I did at one time, a spacer, but my son got ahold of it and I havent seen it since. I think he threw it in the trash because I havent found it anywhere! So sad!
I got good responses about starting the random stuff I love posts so look for me to start that soon. I love the whole vintage show and tell and I love getting to peek into everyones homes and see what treasures theyve found but I also love to get to know them as people. Im pretty sure theres alot of amazing things about everyone to find out and learn. I guess I always have been random because with one income I dont get to shop alot, but I kept it to family goings on. Now it will be broader I suppose. We'll see who actually ends up reading it!


  1. Girl, I totally understand. I don't get to shop much either because I am a housedoll (my man's word) but isn't it the best feeling when you find that deliciously gorgeous treasure..esp for a good deal!lol. That bangle is simply adorable :-)

  2. Thank you! We have a little extra money while hes deployed but its that whole *pay off debt and save as much as you can* thing that still stands in my way of shopping glory haha. Plus I just end up feeling guilty usually to buy something for myself instead of my kids or putting it towards the house or bills. Stupid sensibility.

  3. A girls gotta splurge on Bakelite every now and then! Too bad about about the spacer. At least it wan't a carved piece though!

  4. I know *cries* Hes always interested in my things and it was during his "i want to be real helpful and throw everything away" phase. I didnt even get to wear it though! HA! I wore it home and he wanted to see it, gave it to him and its gone forever.