Monday, August 8, 2011

[Apology Blog Title Here]

Yes I am a bad blogger. If Im not doing my household duties or being mama and daddy rolled into one, Im probably doing something that requires absolutely no thinking at all. Sometimes my days blur together. Im very tired most days. I wish I could be the happy housewife like this..

but yeah after you go through a couple months of deployment, exhaustion and monotony sometimes set in and its more like this..

Ive been putting off everything that hasnt been of high importance and my blog was on that list :( BUT my lil man is starting prek soon so just me and my little miss, I think Ill be able to keep up more. I have a TO DO list thats a mile long. The first thing on the list though is catching up on season 3 of True Blood..


OH and I made a Facebook page for my etsy store yesterday. Like me!