Thursday, February 17, 2011

Halfway Point - Day #182

Today is a big day. Day #182 AKA the halfway point in the deployment. 6 months down, 6 months to go. Its all downhill from here (sorta). May is R&R so thats our next milestone to look forward to, but feels like it will never come.

Its been getting difficult lately. Their power is either out, or the phones are down, internet is down, or theres a blackout from someone getting hurt. I dont like such long periods without hearing from him. Two days is long enough for me thank you very much, but the longest Ive had to go is about a week so far. The last time he called was on Valentines Day but I could hardly hear him. Its soo frustrating. The government spends millions on worthless garbage but they cant give the soldiers some damn phones that dont make them sound like theyre talking in robotic echos?? Its Afghanistan and the connection can be shotty. Especially when theyre not in a big FOB (forward operating base). We are pretty sure we will have at least one more deployment to deal with and that may be it. Lets hope.


  1. We thank him for his service and hope he gets home to you safe. I did not know my hubbie when he was in the marines so I have not had to deal with deployments, etc. In our almost 2 years of marriage, we have only been apart once for a very short business trip last month. I usually pack up and go with him. I hope the time, until you see him, flies by.

  2. Congrats on the half-way point. I hope it goes by quickly :)

  3. Ooo talked to a friend who is a Marine, when he was in Afghanistan. Every time we talked, it sounded like he was throwing very large empty boxes around in the tent/building the whole time. It sucked!

    Keep busy, time will pass! He will be home soon. =)

  4. I hope the time flies by super fast!It must be so hard for you,you are a strong woman to be able raise your kids by yourself when he is away & you are worrying about him .
    Tell him i said thankyou,it's not just the U.S he is keeping safe.

  5. Oh, I have to admit that I do not miss those days! When my husband (Army Infantry for almost 10 years) was gone for long stretches of time, I made good friends with my cats, baking, and Roseanne and Golden Girls re-runs. I am telling you, I must have seen every episode!

    Whenever the phone rang early in the morning or late at night, I ran to it like a madwoman! And you are right, the connection often sucks! I so wanted to talk to him about everything but I knew he was pressured for time because other guys were waiting to use the phone too. Phone calls were priceless but sweet and short. I just wanted to hear his voice, even if he didn't get to hear that I got an A for the semester in my Spanish class (I was still in college when we got married).

    I hope the next months are easier! At least you have your two sweet babies to keep you busy! Entertaining the cats only goes so far! I am convinced I would have become the crazy cat lady if he hadn't come home! lol!