Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Cats Meow Revisited

A long while back I purchased a pair of cat eye frames. I got them but I wasnt super pleased with how they fit on my face. I know they couldve probably adjusted them but I dont live with "probablies" in my life. Im a planner so I knew I had to sell them and get a different pair. I checked on Etsy and found a pair of tortoise frames with rhinestones from shop Vintage50sEyeWear that I wanted to give a whirl. BUT, I didnt have the money for them. So I messaged and asked (or begged, whichever you prefer) for a payment plan or even a swap. I had never done that before ever so I didnt have high hopes. I sent her pics of my pair of frames and she said it was a go - even Steven! I was soo excited. I finally got my new specs back last week. Im not sure they fit my face per se but ask me if I entirely care.

Also got this pair for when Im "unvintage". Be kind. It was late in the day by this time and I had dealt with many a poopy diaper.

So yeah, Im pleased so I thought Id share.

P.S This is the first time Ive had a photo of myself on my blog. Weird eh. No fancy tripod or camera for this girl. I dont ever plan to get one either!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Customs House Museum

Last fun day before deployment we went to the Customs House Museum. Its one of those places that you know is there and you pass all the time but never go. They have trains, a bubble "cave" and some other fun things for kids to explore and learn with. Theres a fountain right before you go in so we had to stop. Three things my son loves: balls, water and Spongebob.

This butterfly happened to land right next to me so I snapped a quick pic.

It being the south and all they had a real racecar on display.

And it being a military town, they had some military/war related stuff too.

The lil man really liked the model trains that they had running ( I didnt get a good pic) and he also liked the train tables they had for the kids to play with (Good gift idea!).

I hope we made good memories for him over the weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jump Zone

As Ive mentioned in my previous post, we were gearing up for deployment. No more gearing up because it has started. The countdown to R&R will begin! Anyways, we tried to make our last weekend together really count by doing super fun things for our lil boy. We already did the splash park and next was Jump Zone. This was much needed because for the past 2 weeks, my daredevil had been jumping on the couch and bed and coming dangerously close to flying out the window. It never phased him. At the Jump Zone you can jump til your heart gives out on huge inflatables. There are about 7 packed into one room. There are tons of kids. Yes, its insane. I wasnt able to get many good pics because I was hangin with L.

Hes not ready for the big slides so he spends his time in the one with the balls of course. There are hoops to play basketball or holding onto Daddy and jumping as high as he can.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deployment Countdown - Splash Park

Deployment is looming. Because of that fact, we are trying to pack in as much fun for our 2 yr old as possible without dying out there (the heat index is often 105 or higher). Ft Campbell has a new super cool splash park/playground.

He loves the water, and it wasnt crowded at all!

Miss Thang even got wet. She didnt seem as thrilled with it as he did though.

The playground is awesome too, but we didnt stop to play. Its more of a spring/fall/winter type of activity unless you dont mind your flesh burning off as soon as you touch the plastic.

It has stuff for all ages and I believe even swings for special needs kids. Theres even a mini rock wall. I hate the heat here. It can take the fun out of everything, but I would say this was worth it. Next up is the museam and Jump Zone and Id love to go to the zoo but I think we might save that for R&R. It should be cooler when he takes his and Lorelei will be older and will hopefully have more fun with it than she would now. Cant wait!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New (And Old) Purchases

Sometimes I pick up things and never post about them. I figured this would be a swell time to get caught up!
I got this record rack recently for $6. I love it because I love collecting records and never had a real good place to put them.

At the antique mall here in Clarksville, one booth had a few of these old movie thangs in frames for $5. I wanted all of them but I chose this one: Cry Baby Killer with Jack Nicholson. I also got the tiki cup there as well.

I picked up this house dress which I completely adore. Except sometimes I see something my pre two baby body could have worn and think I can still fit into it. I drastically underestimated my two baby boobage factor. Possibly if I ever lose the weight from baby #2 I can wear it. I hope so.

I got this jewelry box for my daughter at Goodwill for less than $2! (Military gets a discount at Goodwill here. Thanks U.S Army!) I liked the way it looked on the outside but I was afraid to look inside. We've all seen the scungy gross jewelry box filth. This one looks like it was never used! It even has the key! My daughter already has a bracelet to go in it. (Given to her by the super nice lady in Nashville with all the bakelite - Wonders on Woodland.)

I also got this 1960s bellydance record at Goodwill for sixty cents. AWESOME! Ive always wanted to learn and if I ever do Ill have a record to dance to.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My First Carved Bakelite Bracelet!

(Other title could be "I Love My Husband")

Yes it was a splurge! My husband bought it for me this weekend as an early birthday present because he most likely will be deployed for it as usual. I actually tried to talk him out of it because it wasnt cheap! I offered to go for the more inexpensive bakelite. I thought paying $45 for one would be a splurge but he obviously had it in his mind to treat me and all I can say is I felt like a million bucks wearing it. One of the best parts? He picked it out! Sometimes he surprises me..

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Kiddie Kats

My kids are growing so fast! Its exciting and sad at the same time. My lil rocker is 27 months and my beauty queen is 5 months! Heres the bathing beauty at around 4 months on a hot Tennessee summer day.

And my son can be a ham.

Lorelei is a happy girl 99.9% of the time. Shes also a flirt.

We first started getting his room together here. Hes a Spongebob fanatic and thats a new table for him. He was a happy camper.

Ok thats all the pictures of my kiddie kats that I will force onto the blogger world for now. I just cant help that they are so darn good lookin'!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy As A Bee

The past few weeks have been so extremely hectic. Im constantly busy with something, either house or kid related. I know thats usually a mother/housewifes life but it seems totally multiplied since moving into our house. I have almost completely neglected this blog and I do apologize but finding time hasnt been easy. Anyhoo, I thought Id try to get caught up with the goings on in my life.

I got this planter a few weeks back at an antique mall. Nope, still no plant in it. Im using it as a catch all at the moment.

This should be in my dining room. However, I dont want any of my pretties broken by tiny hands so I decided to use it as a book shelf. The stand was bought at a flea market a couple years back. The radio was handed down from my mom, and the other shelf is vintage purses.

As I was going through boxes of stuff we had packed up before (ya know all the crap you dont know what to do with, and when you go through it later, you still dont know what to do with) I came across this utensil holder thats been MIA for literally years(for super cheap spoons and forks). I hated the cheap stuff and hated the idea of leaving stuff I was going to eat with out in the open even more(germs!). I looked at it and thought it looked a little bit space age (maybe its just me?) and a lightbulb went off to use it to display the jewelry I wear the most.

Pretty genius if you ask me. Then again, Im easily pleased. It came at a time when I was scouring Ebay and Etsy for a cute girly vintage one, but free is better for me. I also like the idea of repurposing stuff.
ALSO, 72 followers! Holy shitfire! Thats amazing to me. I dont kid myself into thinking 72 people really read this blog but even if 10 actually did I would be super flattered. So do 10 people really read this blog? ::This is a test. It is only a test.:: I doubt it but I thought Id check. Anyway, there may be a giveaway when I reach 100. Not sure what I will giveaway but its a thought in my brain.