Thursday, August 12, 2010

New (And Old) Purchases

Sometimes I pick up things and never post about them. I figured this would be a swell time to get caught up!
I got this record rack recently for $6. I love it because I love collecting records and never had a real good place to put them.

At the antique mall here in Clarksville, one booth had a few of these old movie thangs in frames for $5. I wanted all of them but I chose this one: Cry Baby Killer with Jack Nicholson. I also got the tiki cup there as well.

I picked up this house dress which I completely adore. Except sometimes I see something my pre two baby body could have worn and think I can still fit into it. I drastically underestimated my two baby boobage factor. Possibly if I ever lose the weight from baby #2 I can wear it. I hope so.

I got this jewelry box for my daughter at Goodwill for less than $2! (Military gets a discount at Goodwill here. Thanks U.S Army!) I liked the way it looked on the outside but I was afraid to look inside. We've all seen the scungy gross jewelry box filth. This one looks like it was never used! It even has the key! My daughter already has a bracelet to go in it. (Given to her by the super nice lady in Nashville with all the bakelite - Wonders on Woodland.)

I also got this 1960s bellydance record at Goodwill for sixty cents. AWESOME! Ive always wanted to learn and if I ever do Ill have a record to dance to.


  1. VERY retro. I love it! The house dress is awesome!

  2. Oh my... Great finds!!! Love the title of the belly dance LP, LOL very suggestive..... ;)

  3. What great stuff! I love the cover of that album and the jewelry case is great. Those Wonders on Woodland folks are SUCH nice people!

  4. hey! Nice magazine rack, lady... sweet!

  5. Love it all, especially that fabulous red case. Your daughter is very lucky - I would have kept it for myself! :)

  6. Cachanilla- haha I know! And her outfit and hair is great.

  7. Eartha - they really are. If I lived closer to Nashville Id probably go in just to have a chat with them.

  8. Dolly - yeah and its red! i love red too and thought about keeping it but its on the smaller side so I thought it would be just perfect for my lil girl. Plus it has a key. Remember how cool it was when you were little to have a key that opens something just for you? It can be her treasure box :)

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