Sunday, August 22, 2010

Customs House Museum

Last fun day before deployment we went to the Customs House Museum. Its one of those places that you know is there and you pass all the time but never go. They have trains, a bubble "cave" and some other fun things for kids to explore and learn with. Theres a fountain right before you go in so we had to stop. Three things my son loves: balls, water and Spongebob.

This butterfly happened to land right next to me so I snapped a quick pic.

It being the south and all they had a real racecar on display.

And it being a military town, they had some military/war related stuff too.

The lil man really liked the model trains that they had running ( I didnt get a good pic) and he also liked the train tables they had for the kids to play with (Good gift idea!).

I hope we made good memories for him over the weekend.


  1. I love the photo of the butterfly! So perfect! The World War II stuff looks neato! The women's uniform is very cool. Did you know that Elizabeth Arden was chosen to create a red lipstick and matching polish for women Marines during the war era? The special color was called Montezuma Red and it was said to have been a dead on match for the red in the Marine uniform.

    I hope the whole family had a blast!


  2. Tara - I did not know that about the lipstick and nail polish! We had fun except for the epic meltdown he had when we told him it was time to leave the trains. You'll have that with a 2 year old haha.