Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy As A Bee

The past few weeks have been so extremely hectic. Im constantly busy with something, either house or kid related. I know thats usually a mother/housewifes life but it seems totally multiplied since moving into our house. I have almost completely neglected this blog and I do apologize but finding time hasnt been easy. Anyhoo, I thought Id try to get caught up with the goings on in my life.

I got this planter a few weeks back at an antique mall. Nope, still no plant in it. Im using it as a catch all at the moment.

This should be in my dining room. However, I dont want any of my pretties broken by tiny hands so I decided to use it as a book shelf. The stand was bought at a flea market a couple years back. The radio was handed down from my mom, and the other shelf is vintage purses.

As I was going through boxes of stuff we had packed up before (ya know all the crap you dont know what to do with, and when you go through it later, you still dont know what to do with) I came across this utensil holder thats been MIA for literally years(for super cheap spoons and forks). I hated the cheap stuff and hated the idea of leaving stuff I was going to eat with out in the open even more(germs!). I looked at it and thought it looked a little bit space age (maybe its just me?) and a lightbulb went off to use it to display the jewelry I wear the most.

Pretty genius if you ask me. Then again, Im easily pleased. It came at a time when I was scouring Ebay and Etsy for a cute girly vintage one, but free is better for me. I also like the idea of repurposing stuff.
ALSO, 72 followers! Holy shitfire! Thats amazing to me. I dont kid myself into thinking 72 people really read this blog but even if 10 actually did I would be super flattered. So do 10 people really read this blog? ::This is a test. It is only a test.:: I doubt it but I thought Id check. Anyway, there may be a giveaway when I reach 100. Not sure what I will giveaway but its a thought in my brain.


  1. I read :o)

    I understand busy sometimes it just gets too much huh?

  2. I read it! I always enjoy reading blogs from a fellow mom/housewife! ;)

  3. I read it, every post. =) Sometimes it's a 3:00 a.m., so I'm better off not trying to talk lol...

    Love what ya did with the hanger dealie!

  4. Me too, me too, Imma reader! And I appreciate your comment on the Hey-Wake post but wanted you to know that it's one table, six chairs, and a hutch on top of a buffet--I thought maybe the way I had described it you might have thought it was more and hence the $2000 guesstimate. I am thinking about offering $1200 which I also think will get rejected. If you paid $400 for a table and six chairs I think you got a great deal! Actually, I think they could get $2000 for the set but I'm sure not going to pay that much!

  5. I read it too. And don't feel bad. If you update, they will come. And read. :)

    Cheers from Chicago, busy girl...

  6. And me! :)
    Always good to find a new use for something rather than throw away and I think it works better as a jewellery display caddy than for its original purpose!

  7. Wow thats 7!

    Christine - yeah I was thinking it was more stuff. I probably wouldnt go more than $1500 but Im also poor. And cheap :) Maybe they will sell it separately instead of a set? Like if you have your heart set on one piece. Never hurts to try. And negotiate! All they can do is say no.

  8. I am also happy that bloggers I love read mine! I read all of your blogs!

  9. ooh I love how you used that to hold your jewelry. Pure genius!

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  11. Wow! That hanger idea is friggin awesome!
    Clever lady! :)

  12. I read it! And on most days, I am an actual real person! :)

    I love your idea for the jewelry rack - much better than the intended purpose.

  13. Hi,
    Just found your blog, and I LOVE the way you've used part of the cabinet to display your bags!