Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jump Zone

As Ive mentioned in my previous post, we were gearing up for deployment. No more gearing up because it has started. The countdown to R&R will begin! Anyways, we tried to make our last weekend together really count by doing super fun things for our lil boy. We already did the splash park and next was Jump Zone. This was much needed because for the past 2 weeks, my daredevil had been jumping on the couch and bed and coming dangerously close to flying out the window. It never phased him. At the Jump Zone you can jump til your heart gives out on huge inflatables. There are about 7 packed into one room. There are tons of kids. Yes, its insane. I wasnt able to get many good pics because I was hangin with L.

Hes not ready for the big slides so he spends his time in the one with the balls of course. There are hoops to play basketball or holding onto Daddy and jumping as high as he can.

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