Friday, August 13, 2010

Deployment Countdown - Splash Park

Deployment is looming. Because of that fact, we are trying to pack in as much fun for our 2 yr old as possible without dying out there (the heat index is often 105 or higher). Ft Campbell has a new super cool splash park/playground.

He loves the water, and it wasnt crowded at all!

Miss Thang even got wet. She didnt seem as thrilled with it as he did though.

The playground is awesome too, but we didnt stop to play. Its more of a spring/fall/winter type of activity unless you dont mind your flesh burning off as soon as you touch the plastic.

It has stuff for all ages and I believe even swings for special needs kids. Theres even a mini rock wall. I hate the heat here. It can take the fun out of everything, but I would say this was worth it. Next up is the museam and Jump Zone and Id love to go to the zoo but I think we might save that for R&R. It should be cooler when he takes his and Lorelei will be older and will hopefully have more fun with it than she would now. Cant wait!


  1. Not sure what state you are in, but it's usually 110+ here about now with humidity of like 80% grrrr...

    For some very strange reason, it's been the coolest summer ever here. Ever. I am sooo grateful!

    Kiddos look like they are having a blast! Well, one of them lol..

  2. Miss Atomic - We live in Tn but Ft Campbell is on the Tn/Ky borders. Summers here are brutal. I hate the sun!

  3. Wow! Like a ghost town!! Weird on such a hot day! Is school back in session? They just started back up in Colorado, and I've really noticed a lack of kiddo's everywhere during the day!

  4. Darrin - There were a handful of kids there but my kiddo had plenty of time and space to have it to himself. It was great! And as for the playground.. its usually far too hot to play on them. :( Kinda sucks but thats the south for ya.

  5. I'm sorry that you have to have that countdown. But your kids are adorable. I love the little one in her bathing suit.

  6. JEALOUS! I wish Knox had a spray park like that. We have a "water park" here that we have to pay to use and it closed at the beginning of the month for the weekdays and only open on the weekends. I am cheap and not pay $4 a person to go watch the kids play in water when they can play in the sprinklers for free. lol