Friday, August 6, 2010

The Kiddie Kats

My kids are growing so fast! Its exciting and sad at the same time. My lil rocker is 27 months and my beauty queen is 5 months! Heres the bathing beauty at around 4 months on a hot Tennessee summer day.

And my son can be a ham.

Lorelei is a happy girl 99.9% of the time. Shes also a flirt.

We first started getting his room together here. Hes a Spongebob fanatic and thats a new table for him. He was a happy camper.

Ok thats all the pictures of my kiddie kats that I will force onto the blogger world for now. I just cant help that they are so darn good lookin'!


  1. Very cute... :-)
    I love children!

  2. oh the kids are so sweet:)
    and the spongebob table is cool:)

    here can you follow me:

    I will reply:)

  3. Your babies are gorgeous! They both have such beautiful, expressive eyes.

    Spongebob - I tell you what. He's swept the little kid nation. My three year old niece refuses to own anything that isn't tied into that guy!

  4. Eartha - They have super long eyelashes from Daddy. What Id give for eyelashes like theirs! As for Spongebob, I dont mind him. Id watch it before I had kids haha.