Monday, March 1, 2010

Uses for baby powder other than your baby!

Like many other gals, I got a ton of baby powder at my baby shower before my son was born. However, I dont use the stuff for him, so its just been sitting there. So I wondered, what else can I possibly use it for? So I looked it up and here it is!

Repel ants. Sprinkle Baby Powder in cracks, along a window sill, or under doors where ants enter. Ants will not walk through baby powder.

Help rubber gloves slip on easily. Sprinkle Baby Powder inside the gloves.

Give your dog a dry shampoo. Rub Baby Powder into your dog's fur, wait a few minutes, then brush out.

Cure a squeaky floor board. Sprinkle Baby Powder into the crevices along the edges.

Hide a stain on a white suit. Rub Baby Powder into the stain.

Clean grease from walls. Sprinkle Baby Powder on a soft cloth and rub the spot until the grease disappears.

Keep shoes and sneakers dry and comfortable. Dust the insides with Baby Powder.

Prevent sticky sheets on a hot, summer night. Sprinkle Baby Powder between the sheets to absorb perspiration.

Give your hair a dry shampoo. Work Baby Powder into your hair, then brush out.

Prevent white shirts from absorbing oil and grime. Lightly sprinkle Baby Powder on the shirt before and after ironing.

Clean sand off wet skin. Sprinkle Baby Powder on skin to remove moisture, and the sand virtually falls off by itself.

Untangle a chain necklace. Dusting the chain with Baby Powder will make it easier to untangle.

Soften rough hands. Apply Baby Powder as you would hand lotion.

Prevent friction burns when shaving your legs with an electric razor. Dust legs lightly with Baby Powder before shaving.

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  1. Wow! I never knew about half of those different ways to use baby powder. Well I still have plenty of baby powder hanging around the house so better put it to good use huh? I've got plenty of options now lol
    Awsome blog :)

    Mommy to a 3 year girl & 1 year old boy

  2. Me neither! I hate throwing things away so I always try to find a good use for it first. Thanks for following me!

  3. Great tips!! Hmmmm.. wonder if my Men's Talc would serve some of the same purposes? I love my talc though.. and use the heck of it on my person. Not sure if I could bring myself to use it for anything else. LOL!

  4. Darrin I wouldnt use anything I liked haha. Thanks for joining my blog!