Monday, March 8, 2010

The Crazies

I love horror movies. I prefer the older horror films but every once in a while movies surprise me. We havent been to the movies in over 8 months. We dont get many days out without the kids period. Saturday we got one, so we decided to go see The Crazies.
Overall I'd say it wasnt all that bad. I hate movies that take a good half hour of my time to tell you what the plot is. The Crazies got right to the point which I liked. I actually liked the idea of the whole story too. I also like horror movies that dont rely on fake boobies to get people to pay attention. I thought it dragged on a little toward the end but I dont regret watching it.


  1. My husband wants to see this movie SOOooo badly! I guess we'll have to go! I love your blog! I'm a stay at home momma too!! *yay*

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah go check it out. I usually dont have many good things to say about new horror movies because they either rely on the fake boobs or they screwed up a perfectly good movie with a remake but this one aint bad. It does start to drag on at the end but it could also be the fact that I have a hard time leaving my babies. Even if it is with grandma. :)