Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Helpful tips from Gooseberry Patch

So I have this Gooseberry Patch cookbook called "Speedy Suppers" ( which I recommend you pick up). It has a ton of tasty recipes and at the bottom of each page it has some smart tips that I'd like to share. Heres a few:
-To check an egg for freshness, put it in a pan of cool salted water. If it sinks, its fresh and if it rises to the surface, its time to toss it.
-Club soda will shine up stainless steel sinks in a jiffy! Use a cloth dampened with soda and rub sink until stains disappear.
-You'll shed fewer tears if you peel an onion under cold running water. Cutting the root end last will help too.
-Did you know that sausage links will shrink less if they're lightly coated with flour before frying?
-Eggs will beat up fluffier if they're at room temperature and not too cold.
-Blend equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice to create a polish that will make wood furniture shine. Just apply with a soft cloth and buff.
-If pots and pans become scorched during cooking, sprinkle then with baking soda. Add just enough water to moisten the baking soda and let stand overnight. Voila! In the morning the scorched portion should lift right out.
-Fiberglass surfaces will shine when you wipe them down with a damp sponge sprinkled with borax.

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