Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crash and burn.

I think my computer has seen its last days. Right now Im on my husbands laptop thats been to Afghanistan and back. My computer is a desktop thats quite a few years old and sure theres lots of better computers out there but mine has MY WHOLE LIFE on it. Its really quite sad to me. Anyways, to get to the problem of it all, the power button was stuck. It was stuck for weeks but if you manhandled it enough it turned on. Well now it wont even though I somehow got the button unstuck. I dont care how jacked up something is. I always use it til its dying days but I havent figured out what to do for that damned button. *insert mad/sad face here!*


  1. oh no!!! :( My laptop died about 6 months ago and it had all of my precious photos on it! You may try to call around to do some price checks at computer repair places or at least see if they can save your important files. They may be able to get them on a disk for you! I'm like you, I use it till it dies, then I try to revive it so I can use it some more!

  2. haha exactly! last black friday my mom and husband were trying to get me to say i wanted a laptop but i was like "what for? i have a computer." doh!

  3. bummer.

    I'd go for a mac of some sort, as they're ridiculously reliable and easy to use, but they're all I use, so, I'm totally biased.

    Good luck with your new computer, whatever it may be
    : )