Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tennesee: The Hillbilly State

When we brought our baby girl home from the hospital a month ago we got a lovely note from the apartment management about a bag of garbage left on our porch for a few hours in the early morning. It actually had a photo of the bag on our porch telling us not to be litter bugs! Excuse us! Then we got a note telling us we had to move our dish. We called out the dish guys to move it. They talked to management and THIS is whats acceptable:
I mean REALLY! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh..


  1. haha!I hate apartment living you can't win

  2. LOL! That is -hilarious-!! I once got a note from my apartment manager telling me not to throw my cigarette butts all over my neighbor's porch. I replied with a phone call "Sorry, but that's not possible....I don't smoke!"

  3. haha isnt it great? its so much better to have that indefinitely than a bag of trash thats on the way to the dumpster! why dont we put some cars on cinder blocks out in the parking lot while we're at it.

  4. That's lovely to look at first thing in the morning