Saturday, May 15, 2010

This N That

I havent had much time for bloggin' so I thought Id do a quickie with pictures of a few of my knic knacs and assorted thangs!

I got this at a flea market around Christmas time. My husband thinks its ridiculous and I say what is ridiculous about a squirrel holdin his nuts? The nuts are S&P shakers! He actually thought I was going to use it. Uh no. I just want to look at him.

I love this china that I found at Goodwill for $7. The pattern is called Platinum Starburst. I believe I got at least 25 pieces but I cant remember exactly as they are packed up and away til I get my mothers china cabinet. That wont happen til after we move into our house so for now they have to live stuffed away in a box. So sad.

He might be a little nicked up but I adore the 50s "oriental" decor.

This isnt vintage but its Elvis and thats really all I have to say about that. I bought it when my husband was deployed and I indeed had GI blues.

I love geishas. These are plain white but still beautiful to me. Theres alot of detail in them that you cant see in a crappy photo.

I got these chalkware music notes for a couple bucks. Theyre also shelves. Sorta. I put little things on them and pray they dont fall off.

These are vintage reproduction postcards I got for a quarter each. The one says "Womens Wisdom: Money cant buy love, but it can rent a very close imitation." Ha! These are going in frames as soon as I find some that will compliment them.

Another "oriental" figure from Univeral Statuary Co. Im saying oriental because thats how my grandma describes such things. Hes a little nicked up too but for a few bucks I wont pass something like that up.

I got this plate at Krogers one Halloween and Im kicking myself that I didnt buy the others they had. Super cute.

So thats my stuff. The rest is packed away because I just dont have the space to display them. When we move into our house Ill be able to put up shelves til my hearts content and never run out of wall space.

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