Thursday, May 27, 2010

Roadside America

If you havent been to Roadside America youre missin out! It has every offbeat tourist attraction that you can imagine. Like this scary bunny that guards his lettuce and carrots in NC..

Who wouldnt want to take a picture with that? Or how bout gettin a photo with these big teets in ND?

I found the Bell Witch Cave right down the road from here. All you have to do is find your state and it will give you lots of attractions to choose from. Super cheap family fun!


  1. haha... and I thought Australia had some strange attractions... lol. Definitely checking out this site :)

  2. hahah its great! I have seen stranger attractions on there but couldnt find the photos for it. I dont know if they still do but they used to have a roadtrip option where you could put where your going to and from and they will show you all the attractions on the way. So cool!

  3. awesome! thanks for the advice.