Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shamelessly Thrifty Tips

These are a few of my thrifty tips Ive come up with over the years.
1 Reuse plastic and glass containers and jars. Clean em up, use em for storage, travel, and craft projects.
2 When clothes get worn out, use them for something else. Use old t-shirts and socks for dusting, wiping up spills, washing the dog, doing windows, sewing and crafts.
3 Make your make-up brushes last longer by washing them in hot soapy water, rinsing well in hot water and letting them air dry overnight before using them again.
4 Give up a vice! Once a week, twice a month or whatever you can handle doing. Put it in savings and watch it add up.
5 Clip coupons already. Its like free money. Use them when stuffs on sale to save even more.
6 Create a budget and stick to it.
7 Make a price book. Shop around for everything and when you find the lowest prices, write them in the book. Write where you found it, how much, and if it was a sale price that way you'll always know what the cheapest price is. Sounds dorky I know, but you know whats not dorky? Having extra money in savings, extra money for new shoes, extra money for a treat for your kid. Thats very not dorky.
8 Try the generic/store brands. Most stores have their own line of products that are cheaper and comparable to the name brand. Most stores even have a money back guarantee if you arent happy. I was a pharmacy tech for 8 years and this goes for medicines too. Active ingredients are the same in brand and generic meds. Sometimes the only difference is color, shape or whatever inactive fillers they put in. When you buy a name brand medicine, all you are paying for is the name! The company who developed it charges more because they spent the years researching and advertising it. Why pay for a name?!


  1. Those are excellent tips! One of my top ways to save is to always buy sewing stuff (patterns and fabric) on sale! JoAnnes fabrics and Hancock fabrics will usually put patterns on sale for 99 cents. My grandma and I have a book that we write down patterns that we like in. When they go on sale, we go through the book and pick out which ones we didnt buy yet! Most chain fabric stores have 50% off coupons that you can sign up for or print online.
    When it comes to groceries, I make a weekly menu and shopping list and stick to it. Sticking to the list has saved so much money because we dont have any more impulse buys!

  2. Great tips. I like the one about reusing old clothing as rags. I started doing that when I had my twins becasue I noticed I was going through a fortune on Paper towels. 2 rolls a day!!!
    I tell this tip to everyone- my husband takes his lunch to work. I make him soup in bulk. For 15 dollars you can make 25 chicken noodle soups and for only 8 dollars you can make 15 or so french onion soups. I freeze them in my freezer in ziplocks or styrofoam cups

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