Friday, February 12, 2010

Next Stop: Birth Controlville

Thats right. Once I pop our daughter out, they cant get me on BC fast enough. Im not saying I dont love my son to pieces and I have a hunch that Ill love our daughter all up too but this pregnancy hasnt been as easy as the first. Ive been at that odd time where you dont want to be pregnant anymore, yet you arent quite ready for a newborn. Im nearing 38 weeks so Im more prepared than I have been but I still look around at my very active little boy and wonder how in the world one gal can do it all.



  1. The second one is so much easier. You do great cute.

  2. Easier except for jealousy from our boy. :( Its to be expected though.

  3. I got on Mirena as soon as they let me after my second! ;)