Monday, February 15, 2010

Free is always good.

Who ever came up with Freecycle is a genius. The idea is to keep stuff out of landfills and reuse everything possible. People give and get just about everything imaginable. I needed a Verizon cell phone once because the battery in mine completely died. So I posted that I needed one, not really expecting anyone to cough one up, but someone emailed me about a week later saying they had one! It wasnt the same as mine, and they didnt have the charger, but luckily my charger actually worked with their phone. Total cost to me was picking it up. The website is!


  1. Great stuff. I plan on sticking around!

  2. Freecycle is indeed a wonderful thing.

  3. I hope everyone sticks around haha! With the new baby posts will be sporadic though.