Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time Sure Does Fly

Whoa. I havent had a new post in a while. Not that I havent been thrifting, and definitely not because I dont have anything to say, I just, well, got busy, out of the habit, or became lazy. Call it what you will. I also enjoyed 2 weeks of my husband being home! It went way too quick, but only a few more months to go. Ive actually gotten so much within the past month or two, and my hubs spoiled me a lil while he was here which was nice. Ill do my best to catch you up with the goodies, though it might take another post or two. Also some things are for sale! Im thinking about opening up my own Etsy shop but Ive been procrastinating on that as well. I really want to contribute to the fams funds, and if nothing else offset my own *ahem* habits. If you see something thats up for sale, and you want to inquire about it, please do!

I picked up this rhinestone number in the hopes that perhaps I could be June Carter Cash for Halloween or something but it doesnt fit. Labeled a size 16 but fits a little smaller than that. Not a rhinestone missing! It is for sale!

I loved the print of this one.

This dress appears to be home made. I love the neckline but it needs a belt to give it some shape.

Picked this straw bag up at Goodwill and have been carrying it almost everyday since. Look at the inside lining! So cute!

This LBD has a sheer draped neckline and two rhinestone bows on each side! I dont often have a place to wear LBDs to but no this isnt for sale.

Both of these were a total of $1 plus tax. Steal.

These were bought off Etsy via Kitty Von Purrs store. If you havent checked out her goodies, you should. Her sales help pay for her cancer treatments.

I found this basket purse in Goodwill. Seriously, Goodwill has been good to me lately and it usually never is.
OK gals, thats it for now!


  1. Wow, lovely things! That basket handbag is gorgeous, love the lining. x

  2. That basket purse is killer. KILLER! Hurray for Goodwill finds!

  3. Just found your fabulous blog! Your newest follower scarlett x

  4. Hi Miss Scarlett! Thanks for joining!

  5. Great finds - love that box bag and the basket with the anchors (my fave motif at the mo). And those gorgeous stripey espadrilles. Lucky you!

  6. I love the last two items! Lucky gurl!