Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vintage Glassware

Lately Goodwill and a few other thrift stores have been very good to me. Im going to break up my finds by catagories because Im far too lazy to post them all at once haha! Hey Im honest! These are the recent glassware goodies.

Termocrisa, Mexicos version of Fire King

Folky mugs

50s glasses. They arent in the best of shape but for 99 cents eh whatever. Sad thing is alot of the damage done was taking the dang tape off that they use to keep sets together. Anyone know of a better way to get the tape off? Maybe soaking them? Or maybe alcohol and cotton balls? WHY am I thinking of these things now? Let me know what you ladies do!


  1. I love the mugs!
    I usually soak things over night in soapy water to loosen the sticky stuff the rub it off with a sponge. I wish they would use something else to keep things together though!
    I have also heard that using lighter fluid on some cotton wool is a good way to remove the sticky stuff too :)

  2. Lucy, I know! But every Goodwill Ive ever been to is a clusterf*ck of stuff everywhere, but still boo to the tape!

  3. Great finds....I'm soooooo excited to go thrifting in the States next week and hopefully find some goodies as nice as yours :))