Friday, May 6, 2011

Its A Day To Appreciate ME!!

Thats right folks! Its Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Feel free to appreciate and thank me all you want :D
Recently I was going through my kids closet and came across this dress my MIL gave us before Lorelei was born. Isnt it ADORABLE?

I decided she needs to get some photos done in this dress but it was an epic fail so it got rescheduled. She looks so cute in it but unfortunately shes about to outgrow it so Im glad I got crackin on it. Ive gotten some goodies at Goodwill lately but right now Im too lazy to post them but I do have a photo of the books I picked up one day.

Yay books!


  1. We appreciate you! It takes a strong woman to make a strong soldier. Thank you for all your sacrifices!

  2. I love gone with the wind!

  3. Much appreciation to you and your family. I imagine that it can't be easy at all to be a military wife and it's folks like you that are the true backbone of our country.