Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee, Tea or Me?

I had promised a loooong ago to post photos of the goodies I got with the most generous $50 Ebay giftcard from Vintage Christines giveaway. Thing is, I have only spent a small portion of it. I know, right?! What am I waiting for?? It seems like when I have no money to spend, everything catches my fancy, and when I do I am a total schrewd with bidding. I did manage to get these super cute kitchen canisters. Practical and pretty!


  1. So cute! SO CUTE. I love the designs on these! I have to physically restrain myself from buying cannisters after I got a 40's set a while back... I never met one I didn't like! But these are particularly nice. :)

  2. Zombie you're silly haha!

    Lisa, I know! Its so hard because theyre always so darn cute. My kitchen is and has always been accents of red so voila! Perfecto!

  3. *Wink!*

    Keep up the excellent work! :D

  4. Fun! I won the $100 giftcard, and I spend that in a snap! Wasn't that the best giveaway ever?


  5. I'm a cannister freak too! Oh, and lamps, and wall hangings, and tables....well, you get my drift?

  6. thos are well cute and hard to find in that beautiful red color.