Sunday, January 2, 2011


Almost at the big 1-0-0. Thats pretty amazing to me and sad at the same time because I seem to have less time for it. I thought I would post more when my mom was here but I spent most of my time just enjoying my kids and squeezing in the *me* time. (My me time included going shopping by myself! All you mamas will understand that one. Catching up on season 4 Army Wives. Hot baths and a good book. I also got my haircut and eyebrows threaded which was a whole new and strange experience for me haha!) When I do reach 100 followers I plan on having some form of a giveaway so stay tuned!

Hope everyone out there in bloggerworld had the bestest of holiday seasons! Things were good here except for on NYE my son hurt his hand and we ended up in the ER for xrays. *sigh* They said nothings broken but his thumb and pointer finger is still swollen. I have a feeling the ER and I will get to know each other quite well for this kiddo.


  1. Hey Didi,sorry that your little man hurt himself i hope he gets better asap.
    Great to hear you had a good break & of course i can totally relate to the shopping by yourself & an uninterrupted bath.
    Sorry i havn't replied yet,i've barely looked at emails or blogs etc since the kids started holidays.I promise i will soon though.
    Happy new year!I hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you with lots of positive progress & happy outcomes:)

  2. Dont apologize! I know how hectic things can get for sure. The lil man is tough but I just worry because he cant tell me how bad it hurts/where it hurts etc. You know what I mean. And once a few years ago I broke my foot and the ER told me it wasnt broken and I ended up walking on it for a ridulously long time til I finally get fed up and got it checked out again. It was broken! I def dont want my little boy to suffer like that.

  3. That sweet images!!! So cute! I adore this family
    Kisses and best wishes!

  4. If I could follow you again I would so you could have that 100th follower! :D

  5. HOw awesome that you got to go shopping on your own. I got my eyebrows threaded once too. It was kind of weird but I liked it better than waxing. Sadly, the place went out of business so I've been tweezing :(

  6. Lori I usually tweeze mine too but lately been lazy about it. It was totally just something to do make my life easier :)

  7. !!!!Lauren!!!! Id throw confetti at you if I could haha! Thanks for following! Hope ya like my little blog. I havent kept up with it like I wish I could but I havent abandoned it either so hopefully everyone sticks around!

  8. I love their matching PJ's so cute!