Friday, September 17, 2010

Dining Room

My mom was in town to visit for a week so I got to do a little shopping. Actually we went halfers on the clock and shelf and the bracelet is the only thing I bought myself.
So this is the state of my dining room at the moment. It needs paint but is slowly coming together with the Hey-Wake table, starburst clock and curtains. I didnt take multiple views of the room simply because half of the table is filled with arts and craft projects my son and I do together. I could have cleaned it all up but eh Im lazy and busy. Also the elephant in the room (tv on the floor) is my husbands doing. He wants one in there and he pays the bills so what can I say? I havent found anything to put it on yet so on the floor it stays.

Here is a closer view of the curtains.

Im not sure I prefer this shelf/towel rack up this high but the bathroom seems so bare. I need a place for some pretties that my son cant reach. Im undecided about it, what do you all think?

A shot of the clock..

The bracelet I got for $10. I dont think its bakelite. Im not sure what it is honestly. It doesnt have a seam like bakelite bracelets yet theres no smell when rubbed or put under hot water. It has this glossy mod-podge stuff over it so that could be why. Im not sure what it is but I love the color and the carving and Im getting obsessed with vintage bracelets right now so I made it mine.


  1. Always love shots of peoples rooms. And yes, that's about as much as I have shown, since my floors are the issue, oh and the walls still need painting.

    Gee, wish I had a heywake something! Lucky you!

    Mom got me a carved bracelet years ago. It's just plastic, but it *looks* like ivory, so, who am I to say? lol... When asked I just shrug and say "Dunno". =)

  2. Love everything! Really like the shelf for the bathroom. Love the curtains, and really love the bracelet. I'm not a big one for caring what it is made of if I like it, it's lovely!

  3. Love your dining room! I do the exact same thing with my photos crop them, or take at an angle to avoid any household mess in the foreground!! Think your high up kid proof shelf is a great idea,and love the bangle!

  4. There you go i just pushed it over to 81 followers :)
    What a fab clock & i love the bracelet,i have a bit of a thing for vintage bangles & bracelets at the moment too:)
    Great blog!Nice to meet you:)

  5. Miss Atomic - my floors are actually decent. No more stained up carpets haha. They are the original hardwoods of the house but a real pain to keep clean with two kids. And an even worse pain when the hubs was home trampling through with his boots.

  6. Straight Talkin Mama - yeah me neither. It looks pretty to me so thats all that really matter. Im the same way with furniture and what decade it is from. If I like it, dont care about anything else!

  7. Clare - the other half of the table is FILLED with stuff we do when the baby girl goes to bed. Playdoh, coloring, paints, you name it. I know I SHOULD keep it somewhere else but we use it everyday and whenever he wants to color, there it is. Of course access to crayons isnt that great for my walls.

  8. I have a pink and black tile bathroom just like that and a TOWEL RACK, just like that! It's like seeing my own picture on someone else's blog! We share fine taste, ma'am. :) I ended up putting vintage hotel/souvenir glasses (Sleepy Bear Inn, Chicago, etc) on the shelves and using them to store my cosmetics (eyeliner, mascara, tweezers) and any loose earrings or necklaces. They look so pretty and it keeps the clutter down.

    Anyway, love your decorations. :)

  9. zelda - all I have to say is !!! super sweet haha. right now its still bare except for my makeup cases and a few hair type sprays (to save my sons eyes when he figures out how to spray them). Thanks for following :)