Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy Bad Blogger Deployment Blues

I have been gone FOREVER in the blogger world. Yes I know. We are 45 days into the deployment and Im exhausted between being mommy, daddy, and everything in between. At some point I may explain further why Im not around much anymore, but today isnt the day. Besides the deployment Im also dealing with some stuff about my son and Im stressed beyond belief. Ill be around so dont stop following! I just may not be around as often as before. Hope ya understand.


  1. All of us have to deal with the real world every now and again. Take care of yourself and we'll be waiting for you!

  2. Just hit us up with an update every once in a while so we know you are ok!!

    One day you will look back on these times as the good old days lol don't you hate it when people tell you that? =)

  3. Hey hon, hope things are ok! We'll all keep following, life is far more important than blogging!

  4. Just be sure to take time for youself and your family! I know how hard deployments can be! I also know we vintage gals are all rooting for you! We will be here!


  5. I hope things are better for you..dont worry about blogging. :)

    guess what? I nominated your wonderful blog, for a "One lovely Blog Award"
    check it out!

  6. I arrived here via La Dama. Great site! I would like to follow along, and invite you to follow mine as well - whenever you can!

    The Disconnected Writer


  7. Thanks ladies! You're super duper in my book!

    La Dama - Thanks so much!!

  8. Don't worry about blogging, take your time and take care of yourself and your family. Hope everything is getting better with your son. I know deployments can get the best of you, but we understand and we'll be here waiting for you, whenever you are ready.
    Take care... ;)