Friday, July 9, 2010

Grr to you Post Office

We have been having a hard time getting our mail for over a month. Keep in mind we have been living here for over a YEAR. I honestly have no idea what mail we havent gotten. I only noticed a problem when we ordered Netflix and we werent getting any movies. I went in and told a clerk. She took down my address and my maiden name and married name. Thats the only thing that has changed. She asked me about 3 times whether I put in a change of address form. No, I say. I havent moved, I just got married. We've been there for a year. She says she'll give it to someone to take care of it. One week later, still no movies so I know she hasnt done her job. I go in again and speak with a supervisor. He checks the computer and says as far back as MAY 20th, the mailman put in that our address was undliverable or some nonsense. WHAT!! Thats pretty funny considering we get mail, just obviously not all of it. Its also laughable because we have been getting mail for no less than 4 guys who previously lived at our address. FOUR! How many people do they think live in our TWO BEDROOM apartment?!? We get their mail, but cant get our own. That deserves a great big WTF. So he takes down the same info I gave a week later and says he'll take care of it. I dont think he did because its been about two weeks and it seems we are still not getting everything we're supposed to. We're moving soon so I hope that when I put the damn change of address in they will actually do their job and deliver our effing mail!


  1. Soooo frustrating when people don't do their job properly! Hope you have not missed out on anything important. Maybe mail yourself a few things to see if they get back to you? Good luck getting it sorted. I would be lost without my post!