Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Dull Update

Just another dull update to remind you that yes, I am alive. We have picked up our glorious Heywood Wakefield table, and also closed on our house. WE ARE HOMEOWNERS! We have been in the house for a few hours every day, carrying in the small boxes we can fit in the car and cleaning as much as possible. With two small kids, it can get kinda tricky. My son happily runs around playing but theres not much to keep my daughter busy so cleaning gets done in spurts. It should only take a few more days of cleaning to get it move in ready. The blinds need a good clean and I need to do more mopping and then tackle the big job of scrubbing up the kitchen. Soon my dears! Oh so very soon! Im super excited to have space for my kids, a big yard, garage, storage, a cute house and a big front yard with shade for most of the day. Im just itchin to get in there and make it OUR HOME. The fun stuff ya know, like hanging curtains and pictures and figuring out where everything should go. I will try to go back to bloggin more regularly when we get in there my pretties.

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