Friday, July 16, 2010

Failing Miserably.

We're now livin in our house and Im failing miserably at trying to make it our home. Everything you can possibly think of to deter me from unpacking and truely settling in has happened. As if two youngins arent enough of a distraction! Here is my life from the past few days.

Sunday - moving day. LONG hot day. We just settled down around 8ish to relax for a while and maybe watch a movie before crashing and a storm blows in and the power goes out! On our first night! We didnt have a flashlight around but one of the neighbors brought us a candle which was very thoughtful.

Monday - the Dish and phone people come separately to get us hooked up. (None of our phone plugs were working)

Tuesday - the garage FLOODS with tons of our boxes in it. We later found out why but I had to call our warranty company to send someone out. They didnt come til Thursday. My sons teacher also comes to the house to finish paperwork.

Wednesday - The only day someone didnt come to the house so I tried my best to catch up a little unpacking.

Thursday - The plumber comes to fix the stoppage and tells us our home inspector missed a HUGE part of the problem. He tells us it will cost about $800 to fix. Im devastated and PISSED. We rig the washing machine to drain outside so I can catch up. On my 3rd load my washer stops working. Yes, I shit you not. I call to set up an appt for someone to come look at it. I make the hubby spray around the house because I find ants inside. Just two but still.

Friday - My washer finally gets fixed but as of right now I am still waiting on someone to come by to give me another estimate on the plumbing repair. Also found another ant so Im about to freak out and make my husband respray when he gets home from work.

Whew! Bad luck? Cursed? Bad ju ju? Probably all of the above. Its been one hell of a week and its not even over! If I ever get this house semi-together I will post pics but til then I will probably just post bits n pieces. I really wish I had more time for bloggin but Im still trying to find time to keep up with my favorite blogs. Send some good ju ju my way PLEASE!


  1. This is the part I am not looking forward all. Everyone keeps telling us that buying your first home comes with plenty of drama and hard knocks.....maybe its just growing pains.
    Sorry for all the troubles...I am 100% sure it will all be worth it in the end.

  2. Miss Patti - there are plenty of ups and downs. I dont mind a fixer upper but I hadnt planned on fixing it all at once!

  3. I would just go with the flow hon, sometimes these things happen, it sucks!

    Having said that I wouldn't beat yourself up for not having the house sorted after on 1 week in there, I'm 4 years in this house and it's still not properly a home yet!

  4. We moved into our 1st home 6 1/2 years ago - it was a complete and utter nightmare and it took forever to get sorted. I cried and cried so much about it I thought it would never be ours, and never feel like home - but it does! :)
    Just remember...Rome wasn't built in a day...keep your chin up and look forward to making the place your own :)

  5. I hope it is getting better

  6. Oh girl, I feel your pain! We just found out that our home inspector missed that the FURNACE IS COMPLETELY USELESS, A FIRE HAZZARD, AND A CARBON MONOXIDE FACTORY. The gas company red tagged it and it will take between $7-10,000 (thousand!) dollars to replace it because of...asbestos ducts. Oh and the home warranty won't cover it because it's the original furnace from 1956. On the up-side the home is lovely. :) So that's what I am using to keep my head from exploding: I'm focusing on how cute the house is as a whole, and how cute it will be once I get everything unpacked and add my own finishing touches. Uy.

    Anyway, I'm sending you happy positive new homeowner thoughts. Keep calm and carry on. :)

  7. I hope it works out for you as well. Nothing like starting your life in your new home in debt.