Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vintage Goodness

I havent been able to post any of my finds from the last couple weeks. The hubs is back home and Ive been so busy but there are some goodies that Id like to share!

Got these vintage frames. Now all I need to do is make an appointment to get my peepers checked! Im not a flowery type of girl but for some reason I was drawn to these.

This cute purse has a little damage to the bottom strappy thing. (When you have mommy brains you loose the ability to summon up the words you used to have in your vocabulary, but you get the point. Anyway, I think it could be fixed and if not I at least saved it from sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

These flats are from Target. I love red shoes. With little ones flats are best but if it had a little wedge I think I would love them a little bit more.

I won these curtains off ebay a few weeks ago. I bought them for the house we dont yet own. Im not even sure if theyll fit on the windows but I took a chance. If not I guess I can always resell them?

I got one more exciting find but Ill have to save that for another day. Tootles!


  1. Those red flats are crazy! I totally thought they were real vintage before I saw you mention they were from Target

  2. Oh my gosh, I was watching that barkcloth auction! But no worries, I was NOT one of the bidders. As I recall, there wasn't quite enough for what I need here in my office.

    Glad you got it!

    Sweet finds. You gals keep showing off those catseye glasses and now I am going to have to get a new pair for myself lol...

  3. eek! Amazing glasses, lovely bags, red shoes AND barkcloth?! We have very similar tastes :) Look forward to more 'find' posts!

  4. Love the eyeglass frames, love the handbag, the shoes - and the fab curtains!!

  5. Im not sure the frames look good on my face. Sad face times ten. :(