Friday, June 4, 2010

Nifty Money Savers N Tips!

1. Use cookie cutters for fun sammiches for your kiddies. Ive been buying different shape/holiday cutters since before my son was born! Your kids could also use them to make fun shapes in playdoh, you could use them as stencils for walls, paper, decorations, and maybe make a fun shaped cookie every now and then!

2. Google "free samples" and tons of sites will come up. If you see any free samples you might like to get, I recommend setting up a separate email addy because they always ask and it'll keep your real addy free of junk mail. Free samples are ALWAYS helpful. You can test whether a product is worth buying, and stretch your supply of detergent, lotion, or whatever.

3. Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a bit of water to form a paste and you have your very own (cheap) homemade acne cream. Apply to breakouts and rinse after a few minutes.

4. Find a good tailor. They could save you TONS. They can alter just about anything you have, if you cant do it yourself. Hem pants, take in tops, make that silly old bridemaid dress into something you could actually wear in public. Call and check their rates and I think you will usually find they will make your clothes wearable again for less than the cost of buying new.

5. To shrink pores leave eggwhites on your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse.

6. Instead of throwing out liquid meds or chasing around the kids who wont take them, ask your pharmacist about flavoring. Alot of pharmacies have tons of different flavors to make medicine taste better and if they dont, they will usually suggest adding it to a tablespoon or two of applesauce or yogurt.

7. Rip out and save all those perfume samples you see in magazines. Try em. Might seem uber cheap but youll get an idea of what expensive brands smell good on you before you buy AND youll use less of the perfume you already have. You could also open them and slip them into drawers or boxes of clothes that dont get much wear.

8. Never buy travel size ANYTHING. Its a total rip off because youll pay the same amount for 3oz as you would for the full size bottle. Buy travel size containers where luggage is sold or your local dollar/drug store and fill them up with what you already have at home. This also goes for all those purse size lotions. Dont buy them! Travel size containers fit perfectly in any size purse.

9. Get organized! Organize your kitchen baking/cooking supplies, mailing supplies, closet, and bathroom/beauty supplies so you arent buying things you already had stashed away and forgot about.


  1. Great tips!

    10. Be sure to enjoy what you have! Take the time to admire/play with/oogle over all the wonderful things you have bought already.

    11. Stick to one theme and or color and or era when decorating a room. That way you limit compulsive buying and stick to things that match the decor. You have a room that looks "put together" and save yourself from having too much stuff.

    12. Buy fewer bigger things rather than a lot of smaller things. Less to dust and care for. =)

  2. Great tips. I actually use my cookie cutouts all the time to make food fun for the kids. Heart shaped pancakes, sandwiches and toast too.

    Love the idea about the free samples.

    Here's one more to add on to Atomic Ranch House- Pick two or three colors of clothing and stick to it. That way everything matches. I do this with my kids. Sam wears pink and Carly wears blue.