Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Ones That Got Away

If you are anything like me I have a gazillion favorite things on Etsy. I try to keep it around 7 or 8 pages and no more. One of my OCD features. I delete sold things generally, or once in a blue moon I change my mind about an item. Sometimes I covet things FOREVER lusting after them waiting for that special moment when I have enough money to make it mine. It GUTS me whenever I see one of my favorites has been sold. Dont get me wrong. Im happy for the seller. I really am. Im just crushed that I couldnt have been the sale. These are the things I loved so much I cant even delete them from my favorites. Some of these things were sold the DAY I got the funds to buy them. These are the ones that got away.


  1. Awww. I am exactly the same kitten!! It really pains me when the most gorgeous things go to someone else. I want them all for me Haha :)

  2. Haha thats it. We want them all to ourselves! There have been days that I decide Im buying it! I go to do it and I see its sold. My mouth hangs down. The nerve of some people buying what I want haha!