Sunday, December 18, 2011

For Military Merit

As you all know my husband is back from his 3rd deployment. On this last deployment the truck he was in hit an IED. My husband got the worst of it from hitting his head, another was injured from jamming his knee. Everyone walked away.

Hope you arent queasy. Some people cant believe he would send me these kind of pictures. Im not one to put my blinders on though. I know its dangerous. Hes Infantry. Its what they do. Alot of jobs in the Army arent dangerous. His is and I realize this. Anyways last month he was awarded the Purple Heart.

While Im catching you up on my Army wife life, he was also promoted to Sergeant in October! Finally!


  1. I'm so, so glad that he and his fellow soldiers came out of that hit okay! Congratulations to him on his promotion too. And thanks to him for his service for us. And to you too. Families of soldiers deserve equal praise.

  2. On a mission, my husband took hit to the face and as a result, he endured damage that resulted to a root canal. He was Infantry too (almost 10 years).

    Nevertheless, I want to thank your husband for his service to our country. Also, congrats on the promotion and on the award.

    As a fellow 11B wife, I want to honor and thank you! Even though every Army wife's story is unique, we have something that binds us. Again, thank you and your family for their contribution to our great nation!!

  3. Aw Thank you! His required a few stitches and left a little scar. Although when people ask if he got that "over there" he tells most no. I think he gets a little weirded out when people thank him. 10 years is a long time! Honestly Im surprised he got out after being in that long. After a while its like they dont know anything else haha.