Monday, July 25, 2011

Kentucky Down Under

Ive realized I havent posted much. Not about vintage or about life in general. So hopefully this post will catch you up some on my ultra fab life haha!
In May the hubby was home for 2 weeks of blissful R&R. We took Lil C to Kentucky Down Under which is exactly what it sounds like. It has kangaroos and dingos, sheep herding demonstrations, places to feed birds (that may or may not attack your head) and cave tours. (Kentucky has a lot of caves, its not related to Australia.)

You even get to pet the roos!

Feeding some birds. These were eager for food, but not as eager as the ones I didnt get a picture of. They swooped down on us a la The Birds and I can totally see them taking over the world if they wanted to. They scared the crap out of Lil C. Damn birds.
Other than that we actually had a couple date nights thanks to my mom coming to help out with the kids so we could spend some alone time. We hadnt been to the movies since Feb/March of 2010. Sadly I cant even remember what we saw besides Water For Elephants which was excellent by the way. Reese Witherspoon does a great job on period pieces. See it if you havent!

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