Saturday, April 9, 2011

New (to me) Glasses

First off I have to say, where does the time go? I get busy and put off blogging and the next thing I know weeks have gone by. I read blogs, but didnt have the motivation to actually write anything myself even though I have had some things to say. ::sigh::
Anyways this is my 100th post! Break out the cyber streamers and noise makers!

Now that thats out of the way I can show you the new to me glasses I got a while back. I got them from the guy that I bought the lamps from. Im telling you he has a ton of stuff I want. Mostly pink pyrex and more glassware but since I have no where to display anything yet, and when I do it will be filled fast I need to restrain myself a lil.

Love em! Not the best of photos I know. Will we drink out of these? Probably not til the kids are older. Hide the glasses but use the two tiered shaded lamps you ask? Yeah my reasoning doesnt always make sense to even me. We dont really have room for more glasses in the cupboard but hopefully soon I will have my moms china cupboard and my 30s china and these sweet babies will hang out together soon. And by soon I mean hopefully in the next year or so. Your guess is as good as mine because we have to go pick it up. Im still thinking about some of the other glasses he has. If I can find the photos maybe Ill let everyone out in bloggerworld see why I keep buying from the same guy haha. XX


  1. I think your logic sounds ok. I think kids would be a lot more likley to break a glass by accident than a lamp shade

  2. Laura, my son has knocked over one of the lamps already though haha but not a scratch on it! Things were just made better I guess haha

  3. Those glasses are really cute! Are those little fishies?:-)

  4. Beautiful glasses! I don't have any children but my other half does a splendid job of destroying them along with the cat!
    Congrats on the 100th post too :)

  5. They sure are fishies :)

    Thanks everyone <3