Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Very Vintage Book

To-day's Stories Of Yesterday - edited and pictured by Frances Kerr Cook (copyright 1925). I have had this book ever since I can remember. Some of the pages have become brittle and have fallen out but I have managed to keep them together and covet this book. My favorite story has always been "How the Tulips Came to Have Bright Colors" because its about baby pixies using the tulips as cradles. I have no clue how I aquired this book and when I googled it nothing came up. Someone out there in vintage bloggerland has to know something about this book!


  1. Hey Didi ,i just wanted to let you know that my email is playing up at the moment.I tried to send you one this morning but when i came home from shopping i found that it hadn't sent .I have tried again twice but it doesn't appear to be working .I will get my hubby to have a look at it soon & see if he can fix the problem.I just didn't want you to think i was ignoring you.
    I don't know about the book,sorry.It looks lovely though,such pretty illustrations.I love old books,especially children's books.:)

  2. Hey! I'm a new follower and a fellow Army wife (Carson)! Nice to meet you! :)

  3. Erin - hi & thanks for following! We are at Ft Campbell and looks like we will be for the next 3ish years.

    Mrs - Its ok. I was wondering if I sent mine to the wrong address. You can find me on facebook using that email addy if you would like :)

  4. I have a book like this! Its called pip the fairy and its all about things that happen in nature with fairy and pixie explanations! I loved it as a kid, and it was passed down from my mum so its quite old. Ive never seen anythind like it until your post :)