Monday, December 13, 2010

Nothing New.

Not much has changed since my last update, except Im more tired and the kids are a growin'! Its been almost 3 and a half months since my mom was last here to visit and seriously..Im losing my mind! I need a break so very bad. She gets here early Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon I predict that Im locked in the bathroom taking a bubble bath while reading a book. My lil man is 2 and a half and the princess is coming up on 10 months soon. TEN MONTHS! It doesnt seem that long ago that we brought her home from the hospital *sniff sniff*. Anyways, I havent really gotten a chance to buy anything, although I still have a few things Ive been meaning to take photos of for a long time now. So since I enjoy blogs with pictures and equally enjoy showing off what good lookin kids I make, heres some pics..

Taken a few months ago in the fall.

First Halloween.

Wish mama had lashes like that.

This is a very old one because lately my son has become really hard to get a good pic of, plus hes so darn cute here.

Also taken a few months back in the fall.

There you have it. Also a big thanks to the new followers! XO!


  1. Your kids are so beautiful!And those lashes wow!
    I sympathise with you being tired & needing a break.I have 4 kids ,2 boys & 2 girls & the girls have special needs,the younger one has autism.We were always led to believe that the problems were exclusive to the females & since my 12 yr old son is fine this seems to be the case but when my 2 yr old son had speech delay & some behaviour issues i was quietly stressing he might have autism too but the pediatrician told us only a fortnight ago that he doesn't think it's autism & that the speech delay is an isolated problem,it was definitely a relief to hear that.
    I really hope you get to have a break soon*hugs*

  2. Same here with my son but Im still not 100% convinced. Next month I think Im going to make another appointment to the developmental pedi because I dont want him falling through the cracks. Autism can be hard to diagnose sometimes I think. Also hes the pickiest eater I know. Yes, all young kids can be picky but my son sticks to a small list of foods and hardly ever adds to that list. Its beyond that whole "all you can do is offer". Ive offered the same foods more times than they claim it takes for kids to try a new food. Ive offered for a year and a half! Hes not budging and I need help.

  3. I don't like to admit it i guess but i feel the same way ,i still have a nagging doubt.We do have to take him back for a review next year & yes the doctor did say that he can't be a 100% sure he doesn't have autism because he's so young & it's hard to tell at that age but i'm trying to be positive i guess & clinging to those words "i don't think it's autism"
    My son has the very picky eater thing happening too but he's not severe like my 8 yr old daughter who does have autism .It's so hard to tell sometimes where normal ends & autism begins.
    Good on you for being so thorough & making sure.Wishing you all the very best of luck for a positive outcome,i'll be thinking of you,i understand how hard it can be.

  4. Thank you! I am emailing you right now and I knew I would forget the picky eating thing! Argh. Next time..

  5. they are adorable! I can understand needing a break. I hope you feel better.